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peel 3

peel 3 can handle any application in: aftermarket & tuning, AR, VR & digital content, education, heritage preservation and art, product design, healthcare, and MRO and engineering. Everything about peel 3d scanners has been redesigned, rethought and revamped. For an affordable turnkey professional-grade 3D scanning solution, peel 3 packs a powerful performance punch.

peel 3 comes with peel.OS, a highly simplified data acquisition software that enables you to process, clean, align, improve and export your 3D scanning data. Thanks to the guided workflows, assisted merge of multiple scans and integrated help, you’ll be scanning with confidence in no time flat!


peel 3.CAD

peel 3.CAD is your go-to fully integrated 3D scanning solution for all your reverse engineering needs. Extract all the information you need and send them right to your preferred CAD software. 

peel 3.CAD comes with peel.CAD: reverse engineering software tailored specifically for your 3D scanner. Prepare your scans to transform them into CAD files in your favorite CAD software. Take advantage of ultra-fast processing times that quickly optimize meshes and extract all the geometrical information you need for treatment in your CAD software. peel.CAD is a bridge to a CAD module; it is the missing link you will need to extract usable information from your scan and transfer it to CAD.

Peel 3.png
Peel 3.CAD Solution.png

Add-ons for the peel 3

Protect your investment and carry your peel 3d with you to any destination with this, watertight, crushproof and dust proof rugged case. Strong and light weight, it’s small enough it even fits inside a plane’s overhead bin!


Rugged case

Great protection at an affordable price! peel 3’s protection kit includes a durable silicone sleeve, hardened glass screen protector, clip-on lens cover and a custom-designed cable winder. Protect your investment from scratches and dents nobody wants!


Protection Kit

Do the math! For just a small annual fee, you safeguard your peel 3D scanner investment for the long haul. Never go bananas worrying about your 3D scanner’s performance ever again.

  • ​Accident coverage $200 instead of total repair charge

  • Software updates

  • 25% discount on accessories

  • When you buy 2 packages of targets, get 1 free!

  • Preserve full exchange value


V.I.peel Club

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