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The Rapid3D names, logos and designs, as well as any other Rapid3D service or product names, logos or designs displayed on the Rapid3D website, are trademarks or other intellectual property of Rapid3D. Trademarks and other intellectual property of Rapid3D may be used only with written permission from Rapid3D.


Rapid3D refers to, describes and/or displays many products of third parties throughout its website. The names, logos and designs of such third party products and companies shown on the website and used in the materials are the property of their respective owners and may also be trademarks or other intellectual property of such owners. 


The following is a non-exhaustive list of trademarks that Rapid3D references within its website along with the entities which Rapid3D understands to be the trademark owners in Canada.


Trademark Owner                                                                 Trademark

Daimler AG                                                                            MERCEDES-BENZ



Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited                             FORD



Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft                                              VOLKSWAGEN



FCA US LLC                                                                            JEEP




General Motors LLC                                                                 GMC



Rapid 3D claims no ownership in, nor any affiliation with, any third party trademarks or other intellectual property appearing on this website. Such third party trademarks and other intellectual property are used only to identify the products and services of their respective owners, and no sponsorship or endorsement on the part of Rapid3D should be inferred from the use of these trademarks or other intellectual property.


You are not permitted to use any of the names, logos, designs, trademarks or other intellectual property displayed or available on this website without the applicable prior written consent of the respective owners.

Disclaimer for Geomagic Sculpt/Freeform/Freeform Plus/OpenHaptics:

Images shown on software pages are for illustrative purposes only.  Geomagic Freeform is not certified as a medical device.  If used in the design of a medical device, the device manufacturer is responsible for any necessary regulatory approvals, clearances or certifications within applicable markets.

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