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V.I.peel Club add-on

V.I.peel Club add-on


Protect your peel 3 and peel 3.CAD 3D scanners with our white-glove service. 


Free software updates

Never use legacy software for your projects. Benefit from the latest features of your preferred 3D scanning software—either peel.OS or peel.CAD — without investing in costly upgrades.


Extended hardware repair coverage

Accidental damage protection included! We’ll repair your 3D scanner for an ultra-low cost. You work hard for your money. We work hard to keep your 3D scanner hummin’.


25% off accessories

Interested in peel 3D’s 3D scanning accessories? Enjoy substantial rebates when you become a V.I.peel!


Free positioning targets!

When you buy 2 packages of targets, get 1 free! If you use a lot of targets on many projects, that can add up to significant savings!


Full exchange value

Reclaim the full value of your peel 3 or peel 3.CAD 3D scanner on a Creaform technology upgrade.


Do the math! For just a small annual fee, you safeguard your peel 3D scanner investment for the long haul. Never go bananas worrying about your 3D scanner’s performance ever again. You will be offered to renew your plan before it expires to keep benefiting from the V.I.peel advantages.


Although peel 3 scanners come with a 1 year standard warranty, if you immediately subscribe to V.I.peel at point of sale, you immediately benefit from the advantages (upgrade of your warranty plan) and get a 1 year V.I.peel afterwards (2 years total).

  • The V.I.peel Club membership is an optional add-on for the peel 3 3D scanner or peel 3.CAD system. V.I.peel is not a standalone purchase. You must sign up for V.I.peel at the point of sale. Renewable on a yearly basis.

    If you subscribe to V.I.peel at a point of sale, we will upgrade your first warranty year to V.I.peel benefits and add an additional year of V.I.peel (2 years total). Once you sign up, V.I.peel benefits are in effect.

    The yearly price of V.I.peel services is subject to change over time.

  • V.I.peel services include:

    • Free software update for peel.OS and peel.CAD (the latter is only available for peel 3.CAD scanner systems).

    • Extended hardware repair coverage at reduced cost, once per 12-month period. After that, regular repair cost applies. A covered incident is subject to a service fee of $200 USD (shipping not included); regular repair cost is $1200 USD for a peel 3 or peel 3.CAD scanner no longer under warranty. The repair coverage applies to normal use conditions. Creaform reserves the right to refuse coverage on scanners showing obvious signs of irregular use, including, but not limited to, water damage, significant observable damage, or other obvious signs of irregular use.

    • 25% off hardware ordered from the peel 3d customer portal. An account is required.

    • Buy 2, get one free box of targets ordered from the peel 3d customer portal. An account is required. Maximum of 50 boxes of targets per year.

    • Obtain a full value credit with the purchase of a Creaform technology with the return of your peel 3d product. Return authorization required. The credit must be approved by your Creaform sales representative before returning your 3d scanner. Send your request to: or

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