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Rapid3D has NDT packages which include 3D scanning tools and analysis software, to inspect even the most complex integrity equipment. 

The Ultimate
for Surface Damage Assessement

VXintegrity is a powerful NDT software platform that integrates all analytical functions and tools into an intuitive, user-friendly working environment. Composed of four software modules designed specifically for the NDT industries, VXintegrity combines NDT knowledge and market intelligence to raise the quality of analysis and reporting to a higher level. 

The challenges facing NDT service companies are becoming increasingly prominent. First, these issues exist in a market made
up of old, rapidly-aging infrastructure, which causes an increased demand for inspection. Second, there is a shortage of skilled labor as well as the increased departure of retiring experienced technicians, which provokes a drop in service offerings.

This combination of an increase in inspection demands and a decrease in service offerings constitutes a perfect storm for the
industry, making it difficult to meet customers’ needs.

VXintegrity_HandySCAN 3D Family and GoSCAN 3D with laptop.png



Creaform 3D scanners bundled with the VXintegrity Software platform are the only technique available on the market that offers metrology-grade accuracy, traceable data over time, and human-independent results that eliminate measurement variations and ambiguity in result interpretation.

Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Ensure the highest data quality on digital reconstructions


  • Get reliable diagnoses and             trustworthy inspection results

Infinitely Traceable Data
  • Follow and compare damage evolution over time


  • Establish trends

Many Users, Same Result
  • Obtain the same and unique scan regardless of the technician’s skills and experience

  • Proceed with data acquisition  analysis with little human intervention

What can Creaform 3D Scanners bundled with VXintegrity offer you?


Asset owners demand irrefutable diagnoses based on accurate, user-independent data that they can fully trust when making maintenance decisions. Creaform 3D scanners with VXintegrity turn you into the NDT service provider capable of finally providing them with the results they can rely on with full confidence.


NDT technicians are under constant pressure when taking measurements, and they are continually challenged on the results they get with manual tools. With Creaform 3D scanners that supply technician-independent data, you can eliminate result variations and any ambiguity in their interpretation.


NDT service companies seek to earn credibility and visibility in the market by establishing their unique and solid expertise and by differentiating their service portfolio. Creaform 3D scanners and VXintegrity enable you to gain a competitive advantage with its high-end technologies, as well as acquire new market shares, win new accounts, and increase your income.

Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 11.26.57 AM.png

VXintegrity - PIPELINE

Pipeline owners face constant pressure from regulatory authorities and environmental groups to guarantee pipeline network integrity. Despite this pressure, they often base their maintenance decisions on non-traceable and error-prone manual measurements, even
though an incorrect diagnosis can lead to severe consequences.


Pipecheck delivers accurate results and in-depth analyses directly onsite, enabling pipeline owners to establish valid diagnoses and make appropriate repair decisions quickly for corrosion and mechanical damage. This allows them to stick to their budget and schedule, ensure employee safety, and maintain public health and trust.

  • Data analysis and report generation directly onsite,

  • allowing for rapid decision-making

  • Peace of mind through accurate, repeatable, and traceable results

  • Reduced latency, as pipes are reburied more quickly

  • Ability to conserve data over time, making it possible

  • To compare damage evolution

  • Prevention of environmental catastrophe

  • ASME B31G and B318 compliant



Plant owners come up against constant difficulties in obtaining accurate and traceable thickness-loss measurements on curved and complex geometries. The current manual techniques are not repeatable enough, as the measurements are too dependent on the technician’s skills and experience. Because determining the thickness-loss profile is challenging, safety factors are added, caused by a loss of confidence in the results.

The Surface Damage Inspection Module delivers absolute measurements of thickness loss—with reduced possibility of human error— on curved and complex geometries that plant owners can fully trust when making the decision to shut down their plant or refinery for maintenance work.

surface damage.jpg
  • Highest accuracy on digital reconstruction

  • Technician-independent measurements free from human error at the acquisition stage

  • Versatile measurement method for all geometry types, such as spheres, cylindrical heads, tank floors, etc.

  • Multi-curvature surface damage assessment approach for all types of damages, such as corrosion, dent, and gouge

  • Ability to export inspection results into CSV or STL files

VXintegrity - AEROSPACE

MRO companies, aircraft manufacturers, and airlines that perform NDT inspections for in-service aircraft maintenance face increasing pressure to complete their assessments as quickly as possible without sacrificing accuracy. The problem is that NDT inspections take time and, the longer an airplane is grounded, the more airlines lose money.

SmartDENT is a dedicated 3D visualization software designed for assessment of dent damage located on aircraft surfaces. More accurate and faster than traditional methods, the software limits the operators’ impact on measurements and shortens the time needed to generate final reports, providing OEMs with comprehensive data that require further analysis.

  • Operator-independent measurements

  • Algorithm sensitive to the finest detail

  • Interaction rule optimized for aerospace, facilitating communication on the extent of damage

  • Defect characterization on different aircraft components, sizes, and surface finishes

  • Guided workflow approach that simplifies the measurement extraction of 3D scan data and obtains the exact dimensions required for the assessment



In a context of aging infrastructure, asset owners do not have the resources or capacity to repair everything. They must be able to digitize measurements and compare data between maintenance rounds. If damages have worsened, they can prioritize and plan the repair appropriately. Tracking damages over time requires a traceable monitoring solution.

The Damage Monitoring enables asset owners to confidently enter the digital age. It is the only NDT technique available on the market with the required accuracy, noise level, and data quality to characterize, follow, and compare damage evolution over time—detecting even the slightest variation in geometry or thickness.

damage monitoring.png
  • Calculation of wear, corrosion, and erosion rates over time 

  • Calculation of deformation, alignment, and ovality from created nominals or existing nominals

  • 2D or 3D inspection capabilities

  • Advanced and automatic report generation

  • Easy-to-use metrology tool kit, optimized for industrial maintenance applications

Screenshot 2023-10-30 104209.png
Pipeline Module Example

Click and drag the blue slider to see the pit-gauge analysis of the corroded pipe. Features have been grouped based on interaction rules and estimated burst pressures have been calculated based on ASME B31G formulas. 

Aerospace Module Example

Click and drag the blue slider to see the depth analysis of the dented leading edge. Features have been identified based on user inputs and maximum depths reported. The A/W ratio has been calculated and features either pass or fail based on manufacturer critera.

Surface Damage Module Example

Click and drag the blue slider to see the corrosion analysis completed on the elbow. A nominal parent material surface has been created using a proprietary algorithm and corrosion depths have been calculated.

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