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Rapid3D has NDT packages which include 3D scan data acquisition and analysis tools for full solutions.


With its prominent expertise and credibility earned in the field of metrology, Creaform has developed disruptive solutions for surface damage assessment that are now accessible to all NDT industries.



Creaform 3D scanners bundled with the VXintegrity Software platform are the only technique available on the market that offers metrology-grade accuracy, traceable data over time, and human-independent results that eliminate measurement variations and ambiguity in result interpretation.

Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Ensure the highest data quality on digital reconstructions


  • Get reliable diagnoses and             trustworthy inspection results

Infinitely Traceable Data
  • Follow and compare damage evolution over time


  • Establish trends

Many Users, Same Result
  • Obtain the same and unique scan regardless of the technician’s skills and experience

  • Proceed with data acquisition  analysis with little human intervention

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Also known as Pipecheck, the NDT Pipeline Inspection Module delivers accurate results and in-depth analyses directly onsite, enabling pipeline owners to establish valid diagnoses and quickly make appropriate repair decisions. This allows them to stick to their budget and schedule, ensure employee safety, and maintain public health and trust.

  • Data analysis and report generation directly onsite,

  • allowing for rapid decision-making

  • Peace of mind through accurate, repeatable, and traceable results

  • Reduced latency, as pipes are reburied more quickly

  • Ability to conserve data over time, making it possible

  • To compare damage evolution

  • Prevention of environmental catastrophe


The Surface Damage Inspection Module delivers absolute measurements of thickness loss—with no possibility of human error—on curved and complex geometries that plant owners can fully trust when deciding to shut down their plant or refinery for maintenance work.

  • Highest accuracy on digital reconstruction

  • Technician-independent measurements free from human error at the acquisition stage

  • Versatile measurement method for all geometry types, such as spheres, cylindrical heads, tank floors, etc.

  • Polyvalent surface damage assessment approach for all types of mechanical damages, such as corrosion, dent, and gouge

  • Ability to export inspection results into CSV or STL files for further evaluation

Also known as SmartDENT 3D, the NDT Surface Inspection Module is the first dedicated 3D visualization software designed for aircraft assessment and the characterization of dent damage on aircraft surfaces. More accurate and faster than traditional methods, the software module limits the operators' impact on measurements and shortens the time needed to generate final reports, providing OEMs with comprehensive data on issues that require further analysis.

  • Operator-independent measurements

  • Algorithm sensitive to the finest detail

  • Interaction rule optimized for aerospace, facilitating communication on the extent of damage

  • Defect characterization on different aircraft components, sizes, and surface finishes

  • Guided workflow approach that simplifies the measurement extraction of 3D scan data and obtains the exact dimensions required for the assessment


The Monitoring Module enables asset owners to enter the digital age confidently. It is the only NDT technique available on the market with the required accuracy, noise level, and data quality to characterize, follow, and compare damage evolution over time—detecting even the slightest variation in geometry or thickness.

  • Calculation of wear, corrosion, and erosion rates, as well as deformation, alignment, and ovality

  • Advanced and automatic report generation

  • Easy-to-use metrology tool kit, optimized for industrial maintenance applications

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