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  • Digitizing Healthcare & 3D Scanning

  • Fast and Non-Invasive

  • Patient Specific Design

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Digital, non-invasive, patient-specific care in any health specialty is the reason why many healthcare organizations wish to use 3D technology solutions.

We specialize in the sales, use and application of 3D scanning technologies to help you find the right solution to solve your unique design, modeling or inspection challenges.

Service & Technology Solutions

Whether you need the equipment, software, training, and support to complete your own projects or if you want to use our team for services, we have the tools and resources to help.


3D Technology Sales

We are the Western Canadian authorized distributor for a wide range of 3D scanners and software for your design and inspection applications in the healthcare industry. 


Digitizing Healthcare & 3D Scanning

We provide equipment and services so you can 3D scan and document objects to create digital files of healthcare equipment, dental moulds, patient anatomy, etc. Our solutions allow for precise data acquisition to ensure your patients are accurately documented, even the most complex external anatomy.


Fast & Non-Invasive

3D technologies allow for an accurate, fast, and non-invasive method of extracting shapes and measurement information from your patients. You never need to worry about missing a specific measurement again when using 3D scan data. Whether for diagnostics, archiving, or design, our technologies can help make the process more pleasant for your patients, and easier and more accurate for you. 


Patient-Specific Design

We have the technologies and expertise to help you create accurate, unique, and functional 3D models of patient-specific designs. Whether you are looking to design implants, orthoses, prostheses, or anatomical teaching models, our solutions allow you to modernize and digitize these processes. Using 3D scan data to capture accurate and individual patient anatomy, it is easy to customize their specific treatments. 


DICOM to Design and Print

Sometimes the most important 3D information comes from the internal structures images from a medical scan, saved in DICOM file format. With our software, the ability to work with DICOM files for patient-specific data is easy, fast, and customizable.