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We provide various combinations of 3D modeling and reverse engineering solutions custom tailored to each application's needs. 

Available Solutions

Reverse Engineering Services

Rapid3D provides options for flexible reverse engineering services. From scan to CAD models to drawings, we can help.

Design Software

Looking for more organic design solutions, whether for industrial or healthcare applications? Pair with a haptic device and look no further.

3D Scanning Products

Rapid3D offers a variety of 3D scanning equipment for reverse engineering applications, from Creaform, Surphaser, Peel, and Polyga.

Industry Spotlight

This modeling and design project with UTV Canada is a good example of how Rapid3D creates tailored solutions for reverse engineering applications. 

Reverse Engineering Software

Data acquisition is important, but so is the second part of the solution. Reverse engineering software will help get you where you need to go.

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