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Rapid3D provides several combinations of 3D inspection solutions, dependent upon our customer's unique application. 

Available Solutions

Inspection Services

Rapid3D provides options for flexible inspection services. We can inspect scan data regardless if a nominal CAD exists, including for corrosion, wear, and dimensional analysis. 

Inspection Software

Choosing the right tool for data acquisition is important, but so is finding the right inspection software to complete your dimensional analysis projects. 

3D Scanning Products

Rapid3D offers a variety of 3D scanning equipment for inspection and QC applications, like Creaform, Surphaser, Peel 3D, and Polyga.

Industry Spotlight

Rapid3D works hard to provide the best and most flexible options for 3D scan inspection and analysis. This pipe analysis project demonstrates how.

Portable CMM Products

Rapid3D offers portable CMM equipment, including laser trackers for large volume and high accuracy inspection projects. 

Automated Inspection Solutions

Fast and accurate 3D scanning solutions for automated quality control: the R-Series 3D scanning solutions are perfect for manufacturing companies increasing productivity.

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