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The Safest NDT Solutions for Pipeline Integrity Assessment

Field crews are facing challenges to complete pipeline inspections and ensure that their integrity assessments are performed in the shortest time possible to minimize downtime and increase safety.

Creaform has the perfect non-destructive testing (NDT) 3D technology solution, which includes a 3D scanner and VXintegrity - PIPELINE software. Formerly known as Pipecheck, this solution saves users both time and money without compromising diagnosis results, public safety, and integrity assessment.

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The Pipecheck system the most sophisticated NDT software on the market for pipeline integrity assessment. It automatically allows on-site inspection, detection, and characterization of pipe defects whether—internal or external; these include corrosion and mechanical damages. Inspection data and results are traceable and can be revised with new inspection parameters without leaving the inspection site.


ASME B31G compliant

Evaluate a pipeline’s fitness for service with the Pipecheck corrosion software module for fast, yet reliable, data processing and instant on-site results. Pipecheck’s virtual pit gauge demonstrates increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurement methods, such as manual pit gauges and single-line lasers.


  • Interaction rules automatically applied

  • Burst pressure calculations (ASME B31G, B31G Modified and Effective Area methods)

  • Worst-case-profile and customizable grid resolution for all features

  • Feature dimensions (length and width) and maximum depth extracted for all features

  • Snipping tool for additional reporting information

  • Assessment performed on internal and external surface of the pipeline or on the true wall thickness

  • 3D and 2D colormap with river-bottom path overlay.

  • 2D profile section in both axial and circumferential direction

  • Quick, on-the-fly depth analysis: simply hover the mouse over each point to obtain local material loss.


ASME B31.8 compliant

Analyzes mechanical damage, such as dents, gouges and other localized surface deformations. It is the only software to provide users with an easy one-click access to strain-based assessment—a key element in ensuring the continued safety of the pipe in operation and proper maintenance as per industry safety regulations.



Depth-Based Assessment Type:

  • Automatic maximum depth measurement using straight edge technique in both directions

  • 3D and 2D depth colormaps

  • Automatic 3D cross-section creation

  • Depths over diameter ratio

  • Snipping tool for additional reporting information

  • Depths extracted from Creaform's virtual pit gauge tool

  • Maximum diameter found at 90 degrees of the dent


Strain-Based Assessment Type:

  • Automatic maximum strain detection

  • 3D and 2D strain colormap (all strain components)

  • Results for decomposed values: circumferential bending, longitudinal bending, longitudinal extensional, effective strain on inside and outside surface of the pipe as well as maximum effective strain value.

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