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Rapid3D worked with UTV Canada to design an aftermarket rear storage solutions for Canadian production.

3D Scan & Model Polaris RZR XP Pro

UTV Canada approached Rapid3D with a problem: they needed to design an aftermarket storage box for the new Polaris RZR XP Pro side-by-side. UTV Canada wanted to maintain the factory-made appearance for this aftermarket part, but was having difficulty measuring the complex geometry of the cargo area. 

The rear cargo section of the RZR includes strengthening ribs, tie down points, and parts of the roll cage that are nearly impossible to measure using traditional methods. In order to maximize the space available, the cargo box would have to match the complex geometry and maintain the sporty look of the vehicle.


Rapid3D decided to scan the RZR with the MetraSCAN Black Elite. We scanned the entire cargo area and the rest of the vehicle for aesthetic reference for the design of the new box. A complete design of the new aftermarket part was created using Geomagic Design X, where we could visualize the solid model directly on the scan data.  

A complete solid model of the storage box was delivered to the customer and rotomolds created, which were then used by a local manufacturer to create made-in-Canada products. The storage box fits the RZR XP Pro storage area perfectly and matches the design of the RZR to create a factory-made look.

rzr 3.png

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