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Geomagic Wrap delivers powerful, easy-to-use, cutting-edge modeling functions for that flawless 3D model.

Why Geomagic Wrap?


  • Represent physical objects in 3D environments.

  • Revolutionize your 3D workflows.

  • Accurately and effortlessly build usable 3D data.

What is Geomagic Wrap?


Geomagic Wrap® delivers the most affordable, fast, accurate path from point clouds to 3D polygonal and surface models that you can use instantly in downstream engineering, manufacturing, art, industrial design, and more. As part of your 3D digital thread, Geomagic Wrap provides the digital bridge for creating perfect data to use directly in 3D printing, milling, archiving, and other 3D uses.


With advanced exact surfacing tools, Geomagic Wrap delivers powerful, easy-to-use, cutting-edge modeling functions for that flawless 3D model. Scripting and macros also automate functions for repetitive tasks during the reverse-engineering process.


Geomagic Wrap enables you to transform point cloud data, probe data, and imported 3D formats like STL and OBJ into 3D polygon meshes for use in manufacturing, analysis, design, entertainment, and archeology.

What Can You Do with Geomagic Wrap?

Geomagic Wrap enables 3D imaging for analysis, animation, and filmmaking.

  • Rapidly create perfect, watertight 3D models of physical objects from 3D scan data and use them to perform advanced functions such as finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Visual effects artists and animators can use these 3D models in Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk 3ds Max®, and other 3D computer animation software.

  • Archaeologists use the power of 3D in Geomagic Wrap to archive and analyze petroglyphs and ancient markings, which you often cannot detect with the naked eye. With its direct 3D print capabilities, students and museum visitors can experience an ancient artifact without actually touching it.

  • Artists and sculptors use Geomagic Wrap to represent physical objects in 3D design environments, delivering watertight 3D data in a wide range of industry-standard formats. Create perfect works of art and scale sculptures. Archive and restore fragile or eroded artifacts with the help of 3D.

  • Use Geomagic Wrap with Geomagic Control X™ 3D inspection and metrology software and Geomagic Design X™ reverse-engineering software for a complete, scan-based design and inspection package.

Wrap Features


Scripting Tools

Execute custom scripts and macros (Python) and customize your workflow for unique applications with the scripting editor, which includes features for in-app scripting and macro creation and editing.


Surfacing Tools

Extensive and precise Exact Surfacing tools provide you with more control over your surface quality and layout and enables total control over NURBS patch layout, surface quality, and continuity, including Auto Surfacing.

Ref Geometry.PNG

Reference Geometry Tools

Extract a reference plane, vector, coordinate system, polyline, or point with multiple combinations of input. The reference geometry tools include various commands necessary for creating primitive geometries and editing the geometries.


Inspection & Analysis

Easily tune, verify, and check processes with analysis capabilities that help retain 3D comparison models between objects. Measure distance, volume, center of gravity, and area with annotations.

HD mesh comstructions.PNG

HD Mesh Construction

Construct polygon objects from point clouds—which is often a particularly challenging operation for scans that are missing information or are time intensive with large data sets—and create watertight meshes faster.


Unroll Geometry

Flatten complex, cylindrically-wrapped geometry for better analysis. Unroll points and polygons for better visibility and easier work process in planar space. Extract design intent from rotating equipment by unrolling products of cylindrical cross sections. 

Texture Mapping.PNG

Texture Mapping Tools

Texture manipulation tools streamline workflows involving 3D scanner-captured color and texture. Create higher-quality, more logical texture maps for improved downstream usability.



Use automated macros for scan processing and enhanced macro documentation to speed up your everyday workflows. Use macros to record, manipulate, and replay sequences of actions.

point cloud processing.PNG

Point Cloud Processing

Expertly handle massive mesh and point cloud data alignment, processing, and refining mesh construction with point cloud processing tools. Filter point clouds and convert them to and from other entities. 

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