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Innovation Takes Form: Creaform Product Releases

Creaform has released a series of new products as their innovation takes form, ensuring a legacy of quality measurement products. Please note the links to webinars in the coming weeks to learn more about these new releases.

MetraSCAN BLACK+ Series: Elevating the Quality Control User Experience

Creaform, a business of AMETEK, Inc. and worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, announces the release of the MetraSCAN BLACK+™, MetraSCAN BLACK+™|Elite and HandyPROBE Next+, latest versions of its suite of optical CMM 3D scanners and probes. Leveraging new ISO 10360 certifications and setup assistance tools, this latest generation of MetraSCAN 3D lineup aims to provide professionals with sophisticated tools to optimize their operations. Enabling the simple and precise measurement of large parts, the expansion of this lineup marks a strategic move by Creaform to meet the evolving needs of quality control experts.

Engineered to optimize workflow and enhance outcomes in any given condition and for any users (experts and non-experts alike), these new solutions introduce other standout features:

  • Rigorous acceptance tests: Guaranteeing confidence in the stated specifications, the sensor acceptance test procedure is based on ISO 10360, an international standard which ensures intense testing to define specifications and qualify sensor performance, and performance tests are done at Creaform’s ISO/IEC 17025-2017 accredited laboratories, which ensures the quality of facilities and equipment, the traceability of artifacts and the quality of validation methods.

  • New Automatic Volume Extension specification: Now offering an accuracy specification of up to 0.025 mm + 0.015 mm/m (0.0009 in + 0.00018 in/ft) in the extended measuring volume, ensuring trust in the performance and accuracy of the QC process on large parts.

  • 360° magnetic targets: Visible from all angles, these reusable and durable targets are easy to set up, automatically detected for automatic management and data cleanup, and helps to deliver fast results.

  • Guidance tools: Provide visual guidance feedback on positioning targets when creating a setup, which is especially useful for non-experts requiring guidance when making their first setups.

  • Troubleshooting tools: Offer advanced setup diagnostics, making it possible to validate jig or part setup deformations from any cause (thermal, impacts, etc.) in a single click.

  • Control tools: Give full control on minimum targets visibility to allow acquisition, as well as full control of equipment behavior for specific less or highly demanding applications.

“Just like our customers, we strive to deliver high quality and reliable products, notes Mathieu Desmarais, Product Manager at Creaform, and with these new acceptance tests and advanced features, we are making sure that we deliver optimum performance needed for metrology professionals, no exceptions.” Adding that “this way, Creaform ensures the simplest measurement accuracy with the highest quality standards.”

Read the original press release here.

The Automation Kit: Making Automated Quality Control Successful

Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. and the worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, launches the Automation Kit that can turn the HandySCAN 3D and MetraSCAN 3D portable 3D scanner families into fully fledged solutions for automated quality control (AQC) applications. Outfitted with a collaborative robot (cobot) and all related equipment, the actual workstation allows the operator to use the 3D scanners in portable mode as well as in automated mode. A safe solution that is easy to both install and deploy.

True model of interconnectedness, the solution interfaces seamlessly with the VXscan-R digital twin environment and thus becomes an all-in-one, user-friendly system for anyone to use, even workers who are unaccustomed or unfamiliar with the technology. And with features such as a smaller footprint, a light and compact design, and an affordable total cost of ownership, the Hybrid Solution is part of a noble effort to democratize access to automated solutions and automation as a whole.

“Given the intrinsic safety of the equipment and the intuitiveness of its implementation compared to custom solutions on the market, explains Mathieu Desmarais, Product Manager at Creaform, this turnkey package is particularly well suited for SMEs and other companies taking their first steps in the automation realm.” He then adds that: “When mounted to a cobot, the scanners boast several benefits such as a gain in productivity and a reduction in the potential for error. But at any point, the HandySCAN 3D or MetraSCAN 3D can be used in a portable manner, to enhance versatility and eliminate the need to move workpieces around.”

To learn more about the Automation Kit, register for the free webinar on May 2nd, entitled “Enhance Quality Control Confidence and Productivity With Our Latest 3D Scanning Innovations”. This webinar will address the key challenges in quality control, focusing on data reliability problems and lack of technical expertise, as well as explore the evolution of quality control technologies, highlighting the benefits of optical portable CMM’s scanners.

Read the original press release here.

HandySCAN BLACK+ Series: Elevating Portable 3D Scanning

Creaform, a business of AMETEK, Inc. and worldwide provider of automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, unveils its next-generation scanners with the introduction of the HandySCAN BLACK+™️|Elite, and the complete redesigned of the HandySCAN SILVER™️ and HandySCAN SILVER™️|Elite. These latest iterations of the BLACK and SILVER Series promise superior precision as well as enhanced user experience.

The new HandySCAN BLACK+™️|Elite provides a superior level of accuracy through the use of the Accu+ Kit, enabling the user to confidently rely on an optimized volumetric accuracy of 0.020mm+0.015mm/m. Boasting the new Flex Volume, it provides a greater scanning measurement volume, and allows for an adjustable scanning distance that is simple to use, from near (200 mm) to far away (700 mm). Leveraging its newly acquired certifications, the BLACK Series also ensures precision and measurement reliability through its VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 and ISO 10360-based sensor acceptance tests in its ISO/IEC 17025-2017 accredited laboratories, underscoring Creaform’s commitment to rigorous performance evaluation and quality assurance.

As for the newly revamped SILVER Series, it emerges as a transformative tool in product development. With a new ergonomic aesthetic, its heightened resolution catering to intricate details, versatile scanning capabilities accommodating various surface types, and user-friendly design accessible to all, the SILVER series still offers the most value for money. Without compromising affordability, it integrates the cutting-edge advancement of the BLACK Series, leveraging a proven design, compatibility with the recently launched Automation kit and benefiting from exceptional customer service and worldwide support.

As Simon Côté, Product Manager at Creaform, emphasizes: “We are more than a simple solution provider, we partner with companies to improve our products based on their feedback, ensuring that they get the most out of our 3D scanning technologies and software and get to experience innovation firsthand.” He then adds that “with these enhancements in the BLACK and SILVER Series, we provide a complete development path from beginner to expert, in a single lineup; the same that made us pioneers in self-positioning 3D laser scanner.”

To learn more about these latest versions of the HandySCAN 3D family, register for the free webinar on May 7th, entitled “Revolutionizing Engineering and Manufacturing: Unleashing the Power of Portable 3D Scanning”. This webinar will showcase real-world case studies and the tangible benefits of Creaform's new HandySCAN SILVER and BLACK scanner models, for product development and quality control.

Read the original press release here.

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