AESUB Sublimating Spray Now Available at Rapid3D

One of the great things about the Creaform HandySCAN Black is that it can scan chrome and shiny objects without any powder or spray. However, there are scanners in use today that cannot scan shiny surfaces as easily. Companies and individuals that are using these scanners must use a powder or spray on their parts to get good, clean, and accurate data.

Also, with any optical scanner, if you need to scan objects that are transparent, a spray of some kind is required to capture the surface.

These are some of the great reasons AESUB 3D Scanning spray was developed for companies and their 3D scanning applications. Rapid3D is now a distributor of AESUB 3D Scanning Spray, and we have both the Blue and White spray in-stock and ready to ship.

AESUB Blue is the spray everyone has been talking about, it disappears on its own after a few hours without any trace that it has been applied. It was engineered specifically for 3D Scanning and to ensure that the parts are left in the same condition as they came. The White does not disappear on its own but it has some other nice benefits. As with the Blue, the White does not contain any of the toxic chemicals that exist in off-the-shelf developer sprays. And another nice benefit is if you are using targets of any kind, the targets actually stick to the spray!

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