Just Released: VXELEMENTS 5.1 SR2 & PIPECHECK 4.0

Here are the most notable enhancements and fixes of this new software version:

  • Calibration on sphere: Now available in VXprobe!

  • HandyPROBE Next: New compensation for the orientation of the C-Track.

  • Interoperability with Autodesk Inventor: With a simple click of a button, users can now transfer data from VXmodel directly to Autodesk Inventor, streamlining the reverse engineering process for users of this CAD software.

  • Algorithm optimization: Combine mesh files, with or without textures, and with different resolutions—regardless of which device generated them. Ultimately, this enables users to combine both the Go!SCAN 20 and Go!SCAN 50 with textures.

  • Inspection without CAD: For a CAD-free workflow, improvements have been made in several features, including alignment creation, overall visibility, GD&T, numerically defining nominal values, etc.

  • STL-STL comparisons: Enables the enhanced alignment and comparison of two meshes, along with a direct transfer of data from VXmodel to VXinspect.

  • Pipecheck Assistant: Guided corrosion and mechanical damage assessment workflows, with step-by-step processes based on what the customer is trying to accomplish; Pipecheck 4.0 offers pre-configured workflows and the ability to custom-build simplified workflows to save for future use.

  • Enhanced interface: An enhanced, user-friendly interface, which carefully explains parameters and the steps a user is currently undertaking.

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