2020 Jeep JL 4Door

The 2020 Jeep JL was scanned using the Creaform MetraSCAN Black Elite. The scan data is very detailed with full undercarriage and rear compartment. This scan data is very accurate and perfect for companies that make aftermarket parts for Jeep's or are looking for the rear envelope for their designs.


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The Vehicle Scans available for download are very accurate 3D Scans that can be used for aftermarket design projects, accurate and proper fitting of designs and components etc.

However, as the Vehicle Scans are STL files, do not purchase a Vehicle Scan unless you have the necessary tools and experience to work with Scan Data. If you would like more information on the files, the necessary tools or what can be done with the files email us at 3dinfo@rapid3d.ca or call us at 587.352.0221.


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2020 Jeep JL 4Door





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