Rapid3D is an Authorized distributor of Creaform’s NDT solution comprised of a HandySCAN 3D laser scanner and the Pipecheck data acquisition/analysis software. Pipecheck is a single software platform addressing both pipeline corrosion and pipeline mechanical damage assessment. Thanks to Creaform’s unique 3D scanning technology and to this innovative software, surface inspection has been reinvented completely!



Creaform offers innovative technologies to ensure your pipeline integrity management. Where technology and safety meet!


Pipeline operators, integrity engineers in non-destructive testing (NDT) and non-destructive examination (NDE), along with service companies, are facing an increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and environmental groups to guarantee pipeline network integrity—all while trying to keep maintenance costs as low as possible. Field crews, NDT inspectors and NDT technicians are facing challenges to complete pipeline inspections as quickly as possible so that the excavation site can be backfilled, and the pipeline put back into service in the shortest time possible.

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and highly accurate measurement solutions, provides the most sophisticated NDT system on the market for pipeline integrity assessment. The solution includes a HandySCAN 3D™ portable handheld 3D scanner and Pipecheck™ NDT software, both of which allow automatic on-site inspection, detection and characterization of pipe defects whether—internal or external— such as corrosion, dents, gouges in the metal. Inspection data and results are traceable and can be revised with new inspection parameters without leaving the inspection site. This code-compliant ASME B31G/ASME B31.8 solution provides accessibility to critical information for safer decision.


ASME B31G compliant
Evaluate a pipeline’s fitness for service with Pipecheck’s corrosion software module for fast, yet reliable, data processing and instant on-site results. Pipecheck’s virtual pit gauge demonstrates increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurement methods, such as manual pit gauges, ultrasonic probes and single-line lasers.

ASME B31.8 compliant
Analyze mechanical damage, such as dents, gouges and other localized surface deformations, with Pipecheck’s mechanical damage software module. It is the only software to provide users with an easy one-click access to strain-based assessment—a key element in ensuring the continued safety of the pipe in operation and proper maintenance as per industry safety regulations. 


HandySCAN 3D scanners are portable, fast, simple to use, and deliver real-time accurate high-resolution 3D scans. The metrology-grade optical 3D scanners have been optimized to meet the needs of pipeline operators looking for the most effective and reliable way to obtain 3D models of damaged pipelines.


Pipecheck software applies ASME B31G and ASME B31.8 integrity assessment principles and offers NDT in-line inspection correlations, dent with stress riser inspections, field bends straightening tools and much more. When ultrasonic testing (UT) data is imported, the corrosion assessment can combine results from the 3D scanner and UT data to produce a truly accurate wall thickness analysis.


The calculation power of Pipecheck makes it extremely easy to produce inspection reports with different analysis parameters for a complete understanding of defect characteristics. Pre-formatted reports can be produced in real-time and on-site to reduce maintenance costs. For a complete reporting experience, users in the field can share the Pipecheck session using the free Pipecheck Viewer.

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