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  • Wear Analysis

  • Design

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  • Reverse Engineering


Wear monitoring, faster design and prototyping, reverse engineering and the inspection of manufactured parts, are top reasons why businesses within the mining and forestry sector are looking at 3D technology solutions. 

We specialize in the sales, use and application of 3D scanning technologies to help you find the right solution to solve your unique design, modeling or inspection challenges. 

Service & Technology Solutions

Whether you need the equipment, software, training and support to do your own projects or need our team to scan, model or inspect parts or objects with or for you, we have the tools and resources to help.

3D Technology Sales

We are the Western Canadian authorized distributor for a wide range of 3D scanners, trackers, probes and software for your design, inspection and reverse engineering applications.

Part Inspection

We provide 3D tools and services for the inspection of manufactured parts. Our solutions allow you to quickly and accurately inspect your part against 3D

CAD models or drawings incorporating the latest in GD&T, Colour Maps, Whisker Diagrams, Dimensional Measurements and Final Reports.


Wear Analysis


Monitoring in-use parts for wear and corrosion and understanding how parts wear is a very powerful use of 3D scanning technologies that can help you improve your designs and understand how your parts are performing, our team has the technologies and experience to help you do wear and corrosion analysis accurately. 

Reverse Engineering


We have the technologies and expertise to help you create accurate 3D CAD models of existing objects for design or reverse engineering applications. Our solutions allow you to modernize processes, prototype new parts or acquire accurate shape data for design or reproduction. Our tools allow you to create an “as-is” model or introduce design intent into the CAD model as needed. 




Our in-house team of engineers and technologies can help with your design needs through the use of advanced 3D scanning and measurement technologies. 

Scan Data Acquisition


We offer 3D scan data acquisition services in-house or on-site, all of our 3D scanning and measurement equipment is portable, we can provide scan and alignment services and supply you with and aligned scan data set.