Heritage Park And 3D Printing Conjure Up The Past - The restoration of Colonist Car 1202

Heritage Park is in the business of preservation, but sometimes relics of the past vanish like time itself, and must be recreated. When Car 1202 rolled down the track after sunset 112 years ago, passengers found their way along the aisle between bench seating, or carried on with whatever they were doing, by the light of gas lamps fastened to the ceiling. Somewhere in 1202’s journey through time, though, it lost its light fixtures. ​“There were no lights at all in the car,” says Bob Wyatt, Heritage Park manager of facilities and maintenance. “We knew gaslights were quite normal in that era. The tank was under the floor.” The tank stored a compressed, oil-based gaseous fuel called Pintsch gas,

Just Released: VXELEMENTS 6.0 SR2 & PIPECHECK 4.0 SR5

A new version of VXelements and Pipecheck has just been released. The latest release of powerful proprietary 3D software platform includes increased hardware to software synergy, interoperability with Solid Edge and optical probing capabilities. Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced today the launch of its latest version of VXelements 3D software platform and suite of applications, bringing a more comprehensive experience for users with unmatched hardware to software synergy for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and dimensional inspection. More Info and Download Now

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