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Restoration, preservation and reproduction are top reasons why organizations within the museum, arts and culture sector are looking at 3D technology solutions.

We specialize in the sales, use and application of 3D scanning technologies to help you find the right solution to solve your unique design, modeling or inspection challenges.

Service & Technology Solutions

Whether you need the equipment, software, training and support to do your own projects or need our team to scan, model or inspect parts or objects with or for you, we have the tools and resources to help.

3D Technology Sales

We are the Western Canadian authorized distributor for a wide range of 3D scanners, trackers, probes and software for your design, inspection and reverse engineering applications.

Digital Archiving & 3D Scanning

We provide equipment and services so you can 3D scan and document objects to create digital files for digital archiving of artifacts, objects, creations etc. Our solutions allow for precise data acquisition to ensure your artifacts and objects are accurately documented, even the most complex shapes.


Restoration & Replacement

From scan data we develop 3D meshes and 3D models for reconstruction, replacement and conservation purposes. Our solutions allow you to accurately scan and document existing artifacts and objects for restoration replacement.


Reverse Engineering

We have the technologies and expertise to help you create accurate 3D CAD models of existing objects for design or reverse engineering applications.

Our solutions allow you to modernize processes, prototype new parts or acquire accurate shape data for design or reproduction. Our tools allow you to create an “as-is” model or introduce design intent into the CAD model as needed.


Scan to Print

We can help you with your scan to print workflow with the products and services we offer, 3D printing replacement or display artifacts, objects or parts as opposed to displaying valuable one-off articles or printing replacement parts that are no longer available for restoration purposes.